This term we will be using the Virtual Choir Recorder App (VCR) as a tool during our online sessions. The reason is twofold, firstly it is a great place to keep and playback all your practice recordings and secondly it easily enables us to record ourselves so that we can make virtual recordings of the choir singing as a whole. This is great as it means that rather than us singing along with karaoke backing tracks or recordings of other choirs we will actually be singing along with our friends and fellow choir members for sessions and our own practice. 

Please be assured though that having and using the app isn't compulsory and won't stop you taking part in our Tuesday sessions, it's just a useful, helpful tool. We will still be posting the practice tracks onto our website as usual.

The app is very easy to use and a simple to follow guide can be found HERE

Once you have read about it please download the app onto your smartphone or tablet  by clicking the relevant link below. This will not work on a PC.




When you set up your profile on the app you will need a "Choir Code" this is so that you can access our library of recordings.

Our Choir Code is - ECS101



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